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Each Sunday, at 10am, we meet to learn more about God, sing to Him and become friends with other people. 

What one VALUES shows what they believe and dictates how they act. At Clemton Park Baptist Church, we value the Bible, Prayer, Fellowship, Local Outreach and Global Mission. We are a "Christ-centred community, dependant on God to grow spiritually and reach out to others". During February and March, we are re-visiting our values in a creative and interactive sermon series where the church gets to collectively re-vision how these values will be played out within our community. 


Please join us. 

We meet together in person and we also stream online. If you want to join the whole service at 10am, please email the pastor, Michael, who can add you to the closed Facebook page.

Alternatively, you can watch at a later time on youtube by following this link - 


Previously we have studied...


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Click on the sermon series that you'd like to hear

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Click on the sermon series that you'd like to hear

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